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Brush Fires in New York and New Jersey Force Evacuations

firefighters from 109 departments in Suffolk County have responded to the scene of the brush fire, and 15 additional departments from Nassau County are en route.

Wildland Firefighter Fatalities 2007-2009 (Report)

I was surprised to find that only one (1) firefighter died from a burnover in the past three years. Aviation related accidents claim the most lives (16) and heart attacks killed ten (10) wildland firefighters between 2007 and 2009.

The Hike; A Fire Story By Retired Fire Capt. Frank Morales

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It was in Arizona, late 1980’s. I was a member of The Sierra Blue Cards assigned to Tuscon Arizona from Fresno California in a Greyhound bus, an 800 mile trip. Once there we laid out on the tarmac of Tuscon International Airport for deployment instructions……

Video: Cal Fire, "Who We Are" – All Risk

Inspiring Cal Fire promotional video. “Who We Are”, all risk!

BBC Sounds the Fire Alarm In Yosemite…..In 2050

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….the BBC says Yosemite National Park will burn and we can expect a 20% increase in fire activity in Yosemite by 2050

Forest Fire Funds Back Where It Belongs

U.S. Senate overrules Obama administration’s diversion of forest fire funds to D.C. parks