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Fire Monks, A Story of Fire, Bravery and Abandonment

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When fire swept down canyon and into the grounds of their monastery a group of five Buddhist Monks were waiting. None of them had direct fire ground experience but what they possessed was a lifetime of physical and mental training in their discipline that helped prepare them for what they faced.

Tale of Two Learning Centers, U.C. Berkeley & San Francisco Zen Center

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Both maintain learning retreats in the same forest, both share a similar mission of teaching. Both respect the land they occupy. Both strive to do right by nature and society. The University of California’s Hastings Reserve is one of 36 reserves in the Nature Reserve Systems maintained by the University of California. The NRS mission […]

Tassajara: Victims of USFS Bureaucratic Incompetence

Details of the heroic fight to save the Tassajara Zen Center are filtering out. Center Director David Zimmerman, one of the five “fire monks” describes the events that led to the final evacuation of the Center here. From Zimmerman’s story we learn Tassajara Center residents prepared for more than two weeks for the arrival of […]

Tassajara's "Fire Monks" Story Remains Untold

For those new to this story, the Tassajara Zen Center was overrun by fire last week. From the beginning of the Indians Fire that started in late May and then the Basin Complex Fire that began in mid June

Question Why Tassajara Received No Help

The Tassajara Zen Center blog offers some details about the battle to save the compound yesterday. In part; “….the Tassajara grounds are an island of green in a sea of black. A testament to the recently installed sprinkler system and the twice daily irrigation of the site.The fire approached quickly from three sides shortly after […]

The Battle For Tassajara Hot Springs

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The Zen Center at Tassajara Hot Springs has been preparing for the arrival of the Basin Fire for almost two weeks. Fire crews have been in and out over the course of the last two weeks but now they are gone according to supporters and friends of the Center. I have been covering the Basin […]