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Petition – 'Presidential Citizens Medal' For the Granite Mountain Hotshots

The loss of 19 of the 20 Granite Mountain Hotshots in the Yarnell Hill Fire is a particularly severe loss, which reminds us of the bravery displayed every day by our firefighters in facing danger. All 20 members need to be properly honored

LODD, Two Pilots Killed In Tanker Crash In Utah

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KCSG.com reportst he aircraft pilots were Captain Todd Neal Tompkins, 48 and First Officer Ronnie Edwin Chambless, 40 both of Boise, Idaho, according to the Iron County Sheriff’s Office.

Wildland Firefighter Fatalities 2007-2009 (Report)

I was surprised to find that only one (1) firefighter died from a burnover in the past three years. Aviation related accidents claim the most lives (16) and heart attacks killed ten (10) wildland firefighters between 2007 and 2009.