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Basin Complex Joins Indians Fire West Perimeter

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The 81,000 acre Indians Fire and the 78,000 acre Basin Complex fire have met. The combined acreage will soon exceed the total consumed by the Marble Cone Fire in 1977. the Marble-Cone fire claimed 178,000 acres. I’m trusting the GeoMAC software on this one. Basin Fire command has been planning on this for some time. […]

Officials: Big Sur Fires May Exceed 250,000 Acres

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The Indians Fire and Basin Complex Fire currently burning in the Ventana Wilderness will likely combine to become the the largest fire in modern California state history. This morning’s ICS-209 report for the Basin Complex Fire, now called Basin Complex West includes an estimated final size at 170,000 acres. The Basin Complex West fire will […]

State Burns; Business as Usual on Indians Fire

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Indians Fire (60,000 acres 71% contained) management (joint, headed by CIIMT2 (Molumby, IC) bucked convention and conducted a firing operation on the north side of the fire. You can see in the image below (indicated in red) where they burned today.The Indians Fire ICS-209 report filed tonight indicates the firing operation was carried out in […]

Big Sur Fires: Indians Fire and Gallery Fires Closer to Merging

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It appears inevitable the Gallery Fire, now known as the Basin Complex will merge with the Indians Fire. The Indians Fire has burned 58,000 acres and is at 71% containment. The fire has been burning since June 8. Two thousand firefighters are assigned to the Indians Fire. By comparison 580 firefighters are assigned to the […]

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