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Fire Monks, A Story of Fire, Bravery and Abandonment

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When fire swept down canyon and into the grounds of their monastery a group of five Buddhist Monks were waiting. None of them had direct fire ground experience but what they possessed was a lifetime of physical and mental training in their discipline that helped prepare them for what they faced.

"I Think We Saved Tassajara" A Fire Story Like No Other

Tassajara Mountain Center Director David Zimmerman recounts how he and four fellow “fire-monks” faced the Basin Complex Fire as it swept down canyon from four sides on the afternoon of July 10. We read about preparations for the fire’s arrival and circumstances that led to the decision to stay, now we are treated to a […]

Forest Service Head Pops In On Basin Complex Fire Camp

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U.S. Forest Service Chief Abigail Kimbell visited the Basin Complex incident base today. Incident Commander Jeanne Pincha-Tulley and her command staff also entertained an incident management team from South Carolina who were flown in to observe.On July 17 Ms. Pincha-Tulley was brought in from another fire to take over for the departing Mike Deitrich. I […]

Basin Complex Scars 152,000 Acres, End Near

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Basin Complex command estimates the final total acreage will be 162,818 with a final cost of $78,000,000.Current containment is estimated is at 79% though a containment line has been around the perimeter for more than a week. Firefighters are burning out any green left inside lines, dropping snags and removing equipment. Full scale demobilization of […]

Tale of Two Learning Centers, U.C. Berkeley & San Francisco Zen Center

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Both maintain learning retreats in the same forest, both share a similar mission of teaching. Both respect the land they occupy. Both strive to do right by nature and society. The University of California’s Hastings Reserve is one of 36 reserves in the Nature Reserve Systems maintained by the University of California. The NRS mission […]

New Basin Complex Commander Establishes Her Presence

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On her first full day as Basin Complex Fire incident commander Jeanne Pincha-Tulley put her public relations skills to work. I suggested here and still believe her assignment is a move by the Forest Service to repair damage caused by previous command teams on both sides of the fire. This morning she will submit to […]

Tassajara: Victims of USFS Bureaucratic Incompetence

Details of the heroic fight to save the Tassajara Zen Center are filtering out. Center Director David Zimmerman, one of the five “fire monks” describes the events that led to the final evacuation of the Center here. From Zimmerman’s story we learn Tassajara Center residents prepared for more than two weeks for the arrival of […]

Basin Complex Fire East Front Activity July 17

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According to GeoMAC Basin Fire command has bit off a lot of acreage during their firing operations today. Residents in the Cachagua and Jamesburg.communities are seeing a lot of smoke overhead. If you believe the scale represented on the software imagery below there is almost 8 miles of open fire line at the moment. At […]

Basin Complex Commander Deitrich Exits Quietly

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Basin Complex Fire Commander Mike Deitrich slipped out of camp July 14 with no fanfare from what I see. Deitrich was not honored by Big Sur in the same manner commander Molumby of the the Zaca Fire was feted by grateful Santa Barbara residents last year. Molumby and his staff were toasted by Comedian (and […]

Basin Complex; Carmel Valley Residents Remain Evacuated

Those living in Cachagua in Lower Carmel Valley are still under an evacuation order. It’s clear fire commanders will keep residents of the Cachagua community out of their homes while they ‘fire out” canyons above. Residents are still being kept out even though the firing operations are being conducted 5 miles away, uphill. Significant events […]

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