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Zaca Commander Honored At "Outgoing" Reception

Legendary comedian Jonathan Winters, toasted outgoing Zaca Fire Commander Bill Molumby and his (timed out) 40 man team at an “outgoing reception” on the rooftop of the Santa Barbara’s Hotel Adalucia. Praise was heaped on the team by the grateful Monetcito residents in attendence. “You are very special people and we appreciate you and what […]

Zaca Incident Winding Down

Text within the Zaca Fire incident 209 form this morning. “Live Oak Zone: The fire is expected to have little active fire spread in all areas except unburned islands. Small pockets of heat expected to continue smoldering within the upper Caliente drainage. Active fire spread in the unburned islands in Santa Cruz drainage. Richardson Zone: […]

Hwy33 Not Breached, Firefighters Prevail

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This thing is about over folks. You have to credit the incident management teams, superb piloting, skilled firing teams and brave hand and engine crews. When the chips are finally counted there will be some great stories to tell about the battle of Hwy 33 on the night of August 20. From Santa Barbara County […]

Is Zaca Monster Finally Dying?

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Wind projection graphs from SCWHC indicate wind will be favorable for firefighters and fire strategists. There will be 20 MPH winds blowing from the East and North at 2:00 pm that should push the fire away from Hwy 33 and back into the burn. Later in the evening the winds flatten out providing firefighters a […]

Tanker 910 Video From Zaca Fire Lines

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Caught this on YouTube just now. If the firefighter who captured this amazing video wants to follow it with a story I would love to publish it here. [youtube=] Tanker 910, (T-910) Wikipedia page.

Zaca Fire From A Bird's Eye

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Zaca Fire helicopter pilot Desiree Horton takes a moment before returning to 16 hour shifts to describe her activities as part of a combined assault on the mile wide flame front heading towards Hwy 33 on Friday the 17th; “….A combined effort of the helicopters throwing fire from the dozer lines to burn towards the […]

Pivital Day For Zaca Fire Teams

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These images come from the Southern California Wildland Fire Hazard Center. The maps show favorable (flat) winds this morning however winds will increase steadily throughout the day from the West pushing from 8 to 18 MPH. August 20 9:00 am August 20 5:00 pm Fire Location; Lat: 34° 46´ 45″ Long: 120° 5´ 24″(Just above […]

Gov. Declares State Of Emergency For Ventura County

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It’s a safe bet Governor Schwarzenegger’s office is getting the skinny on the Zaca Fire when others are finding it difficult to get the whole story. has been down all day today so maps and “official” information is hard to come by. Inciweb is a government operated website that act as a repository of […]

Zaca Fire Advances Into Ventura County

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Firing operations from Highway 33–Highway 33 between Wheeler Gorge and Ventucopa has been closed except to local traffic only.“Beginning at 10:00 am on Sunday, August 19th , this section of Hwy 33 will be closed to all traffic, including residents. The closure is required to safely conduct a backfire operation planned along Highway 33 from […]

Sundowners, Santa Barbara's Santa Ana's

One class from my fire academy days that stuck in my head through the years was unique California wind phenomena that included discussion of So Cal’s. Santa Ana’s, Chinook or East winds in the N/E part of the state and Sundowners in Santa Barbara. The instructors showed the class a video of dozer operators being […]

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