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Station Fire Moves Towards 2002 Curve Fire Burn

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The Curve Fire burned over 20,000 acres in the Angeles National Forest along Highway 39 in September 2002. It appears the Station Fire is destined to meet the old burn as it moves steadily towards the mountain highway. Early on in the Station Fire Commander Dietrich stated his intention to keep the fire west of […]

La Brea Fire Estimated Over 100,000 Acres

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No, this is not a government estimate, draw your own conclusion as I have. The Zaca Fire burned over 230,000 acres in 2007 and took two full months (60 days) to control. The La Brea Fire has burned about a week and has consumed nearly half the acreage of the Zaca. Look at the image […]

La Brea Fire Meets Zaca Fire Perimeter

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The La Brea Fire has pushed hard to the south and has met the two year old boundary of the Zaca Fire. The current acreage is presented as 25,000 or so but that is a fabrication, this fire is double that if the GeoMac heat impressions are accurate. So what happens now? We know the […]

Zaca Fire Remembered

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I found this video essay embedded on Google Earth. The photos are put to the soundtrack of the movie Braveheart. In an odd way it works. Both the fire and movie were epics. As we are reminded at the end of this essay the Zaca Fire burned for 2 months and claimed over 240,000 acres. […]

La Brea Fire update

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Setting aside my earlier stated opinion on this fire I have to say this is the most impressive fire in California this season. With no real anchor points apparent due to a 360 degree fire front, fighting this budding monster is a moot point at the moment. The La Brea Fire looks to have taken […]

Desiree's Zaca Fire Photo Array

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If you follow this blog regularly you know I am a huge fan of Copter Chick Desiree Horton. As you may know Desiree and her crew spent many weeks on the Zaca Fire. Click here to view her unbelievable images of the Zaca Fire from the air.

Zaca Incident Firefighter Suffers Serious Leg Injury

The Zaca Fire, or Zaca Two Fire as it is being referred to is better than 95% contained but still incurring damage. The Santa Barbara Daily Sound covers the story of injured 20 year old Kern County Firefighter John Lee; “A firefighter from Kern County sustained serious injuries after falling 30 feet while working on […]

Budget Contrasts California vs. Idaho

The Zaca Fire to date has consumed 240,000 acres and has cost taxpayers $100 million. The Cascade Complex Fire has eaten 225,000 acres at a cost of $35 million. Both fires are more than one month old with containment dates extending into September. Both fires were mainly confined to Federal lands. Zaca in the Los […]

Zaca Fire Busts $100 Million, 83% Containment

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Firefighters are still working hard on the Zaca Fire, the second largest wildfire in California history. As the fire “winds down” weather continues to challenge ground and air crews.Below is a wind prediction chart that shows unfavorable winds developing over the next 24 hours. Image/Chart SCWHC The fire perimeter map shows uncovered fire line on […]

Ikhana, NASA's Image Drone Aids Firefighters

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Ikhana is the name of NASA’a unmanned aircraft put in use last week on the Zaca Fire. From NASA; “A Predator B unmanned aircraft system has joined the inventory of research aircraft at NASA’s Dryden Flight Research Center, Edwards, Calif. Built by General Atomics Aeronautical Systems Inc. of San Diego, NASA took possession of the […]

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