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"Wildland Firefighting: Everyone Goes Home"

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Wildland Firefighting: Everyone Goes Home

Highland Park Michigan Firefighter, "A Year On My Lid" (Video)

Highland Park firefighter Scott Ziegler pieced together this montage of video taken from his helmet cam over a one year period.

Apache's On The Job In Iraq. Watch The Rats Scurry!

This four minute clip had me yell out TWICE. Adrenaline rush from my easy chair. Way to go guys!

Troutman Fire and Rescue Guided to Crash Scene by Onstar

Troutman Fire and Rescue Department in Troutman North Carolina responded to a traffic accident reported by Onstar. No one else had reported the accident and the vehicle was off the road and out of sight.

Video: Cal Fire, "Who We Are" – All Risk

Inspiring Cal Fire promotional video. “Who We Are”, all risk!