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Personal Note

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The college application process is all encompassing. Every institution has a different set of requirements, none of them are connect the dots.

New Hip

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About three quarters of the way into the procedure I woke up. I looked right up into the shielded face of the anesthesiologist while hearing lots of banging and clanking going on down below. I asked if it was almost over and the sleep doctor said they were closing

Family Drive

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My wife and I took our youngest son on an overnight trip from our home in Fresno to see Mono Lake. Consistent with this Summer’s theme we limited the trip to one night away. We have taken several over night trips this year instead of one big vacation. We left Fresno at 7:00 am Sunday […]


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My youngest had it first, then oldest with the stomach variety. I got it and it sucks. I did get the Flu shot back in October but we all know that is a 50/50 proposition. I get the shot every year but fortunately I have been Flu free for 10 years or more. Saturday morning […]

Firefighter Blog Around The Web

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The most fun from blogging is checking the visitor logs and seeing where readers come from. Quite a few visitors have surfed in from a Google search for “World’s Tallest Tree”. Firefighter Blog is the #1 web result behind Google’s own Youtube and image results. I saved the screen and posted it here as proof […]

SoCal Wildfires: View From a Retired Fire Captain

(I was asked to submit an article on the Wildfires burning in Southern California by the good people at Read the full article here.) Watching President Bush arrive on Air Force One to tour the fire damage in the San Diego region adds a punctuation mark to the tragic fire events of the past […]

Another Vanity Post?

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A couple of weeks ago I responded to an interview request from Blog Interviewer. Flattered of course, I hammered out some answers in the digital interview form, sent it off and today they posted my interview. Thank you

Vanity Post

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Firefighter Blog made the front page of Blogger “Blogs of Note”! Thank you Google Blogger Team About Blogs of Note at Blogger Buzz