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Fire season approaches. Spring winds have howled, more than usual here in Central California, and the grass is browning. There is late snow in the Sierras which assures the high country will be green well into late Summer. Nature is setting the stage now but fate directs the stories to be told. This season I […]

My Email Was Compromised By Chinese Hackers

My personal email was hacked and the criminals who subverted my account represent a Chinese based company named —Beijing GLOBSEASON International Trade Co., LTD.–Their hackers entered my GMAIL account somehow and deleted all my contacts after sending everyone on my contact list an advertisement for their business. Even more amazing they reset my email signature […]

Tent Towns, First Responders Can/Should Help

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UPDATE: March 25, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger opens up county fairgrounds to tent city dwellers! —————————————-As more Tent Towns, or homeless encampments spring up the greater society will have to pitch in to help our less fortunate neighbors. The term Shanty Town originated during the Great Depression when unemployed had nowhere else to live. The article […]

Hundreds Line Up For 35 Firefighter Jobs In Miami

This news item was posted this morning on Drudge as a sign of the times event. The truth is there is always big interest whenever a city hires firefighters. When I was 21 years old I stood in line for hours with hundreds of others for a shot at working for the San Jose Fire […]

Bloggers As Journalists

I make no such claim but the result of this lawsuit may vault me into this classification. Who knows I might be looking for a roving “correspondent” in time. There are many stories unreported from behind the fire lines.

D.C. First Responders Gear Up For Mall Party

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The District of Columbia is gearing up for an unprecidented crowd control event, the inauguration of the new president. The Washington Post details some areas of concerns for security and medical response teams including the good folks at DCFD. “The threats aren’t limited to violence or terrorism: Freezing or rainy weather could send people fleeing […]

California Facing "Financial Armageddon"

A few thoughts on how the state budget shortfall relates to firefighting, fire resource budgets, equipment and staffing. An overview of the looming budget crisis can be read here in the also failing Los Angeles Times. If you work for or have ever worked for a state or county government you come to expect the […]

Firefighter Saves Pup

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This image was shot by Andrew Lamberson of the Daily Nebraskan. Fire Captain Scott Thompson of Lincoln Nebraska pulled the family pet from a burning home on November 12. The image is featured on MSNBC Photos of the week where viewers are invited to vote for favorite images. Andrew’s image is the current vote leader […]

Aussie Dog Protects Kittens From House Fire

Melbourne Australia: Firefighters found Leo the dog guarding four kittens as the family home burned in Seddon. “Leo wouldn’t leave the kittens and it nearly cost him his life,” fire service Commander Ken Brown told reporters. The family of four escaped from the burning house and were unharmed. See the video here *Herald Sun “Stoically […]

Personal Rant & General Observations

Someone smashed into one of our cars, the one we keep on the street. We don’t know who that someone is because the perp did not leave a note. Geico Insurance has been a help. We met the claims agent at a bodyshop downtown and left the car. We owe the $500 deductible and Geico […]

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