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80 Fire Initial Attack Requests DC-10 Tanker, Denied

I came across an interesting item on the “Initial Attack” forum thread on Members reported a new fire off Interstate 80 near the summit dubbed the “80 Fire.” As you follow the thread it is apparent the Incident Commander upon size up requested a “heavy” air tanker from dispatch. For whatever reason the request […]

Tanker 910 Video From Zaca Fire Lines

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Caught this on YouTube just now. If the firefighter who captured this amazing video wants to follow it with a story I would love to publish it here. [youtube=] Tanker 910, (T-910) Wikipedia page.

Bee Columnist Jabs State On DC-10 Supertanker

The Sacramento Bee’s veteran political columnist Dan Walters got it all wrong in his recent piece questioning the motivations behind the Cal Fire’s contracting of the DC-10 Supertanker. He tries to draw a parallel to contracts for other aircraft made under the Davis administration to the Supertanker contract Governor Schwarzenegger signed earlier this year. Walters […]

Cal Fire Chief Endorses DC-10 Supertanker

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In a recent edition of his Chief’s memo California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection Director Ruben Grijalva discusses in detail why he signed a three year contract for use of the DC-10 Supertanker, Tanker 910. The Chief writes at length why he supports this all important firefighting weapon. Here are a few key highlights […]

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