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Tanker 979 (747 Supertanker) Maiden Fire Drop

MyFoxLA was the first to follow the Supertanker as it circled the Station Fire and made its first drop on a live fire. This day has been long in coming for the people at Evergreen Aviation in Marana Arizona. The tanker offers up 20,000 gallons per load. Consider that Tanker 910, the DC-10 Supertanker delivers […]

Tanker 979, The 747 Supetanker Expected Over Fires Today

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As yet the contracted jumbo jet supertanker has not been pressed into service. The US Forest Service passed on signing up the weapon in 2007 but this year Cal Fire smartly offered the group from Evergreen Aviation a deal. Here is a promo video of Tanker 979 over the desert near Tucson. The 747 supertanker […]

Supertankers Standing Guard Over California

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The Cal Fire air program secured the use of the massive 747 Supertanker for the 2009 fire season according to Rim Of The World.Net. This amazing aircraft, with its 20,000 gallon payload joins Tanker910, the State contracted DC-10 behemoth in Victorville.Both aircraft will be less than 45 minutes to any spot in Southern California. Tanker […]

Heroic Act, Notes & Observations

A TV reporter interviewing two firefighters from either LAFD or LA County asked them awkwardly if their efforts to save the Oak Ridge Mobile Home Park was a “major” disappointment. Firefighter Hahn (sp) responded bluntly, no, the effort was remarkable. Firefighter Hahn told the reporter that just as his engine company was ordered to leave […]

Where Is The Evergreen 747 Supertanker?

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One year ago I pondered why the Forest Service killed the deal with Evergreen for use of the 747 Supertanker. The decision was made by a non firefighting administrator just prior to a contract signing. Had smarter heads prevailed we would be seeing the giant air tanker dropping retardant and water over fires today. What […]

Tanker 910, California's Best Firefighting Investment Ever

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…besides the dedicated men and women of CalFire of course. [youtube=] Box seats at a World Series game seven couldn’t equal these ridge top tickets.

Tanker 910 Over Big Sur as Basin Complex Flames Freshen

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The GeoMAC image below shows the Basin Fire freshening as afternoon breezes pick up. This is an incredibly difficult fire to suppress. Resources are spread between the (still) populated Big Sur valley and the Ventana Wilderness and State Parks to the north, east and south. Only the now slowing Gap Fire has a higher priority […]

DC-10 Supertanker, Tanker 910 Over Slide Fire

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Great video of Tanker 910 making a drop over the Slide Fire on October 22. The converted DC-10 Supertanker is making a drop on the right flank of the fire near the head. Unfortunately the 40 mph winds dispersed the retardant over a too wide area but the point has been made again that this […]

Lick Fire Chars 27,000 Acres So Far

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On September 3 the Lick Fire Incident Commander took a good look at the scene and estimated the fire could grow to 30,000 acres. This estimate was based on existing fire breaks, natural barriers and the weather at the time. According to last night’s official Incident 209 report the fire has already taken out 27,000 […]

Stevens Fire Update

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You can see for yourself from this webcam view that the fire is no longer a threat. If you can’t believe your eyes then you can read it here at, Peru’s top fire reporting site. I did a double take when I saw Google News had the Peruvian web site up top for news […]

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