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Tanker 979, The 747 Supetanker Expected Over Fires Today

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As yet the contracted jumbo jet supertanker has not been pressed into service. The US Forest Service passed on signing up the weapon in 2007 but this year Cal Fire smartly offered the group from Evergreen Aviation a deal. Here is a promo video of Tanker 979 over the desert near Tucson. The 747 supertanker […]

Station Fire Explodes on Eastward Track

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Current published acreage for the Station Fire is 42,000. You can see from the GeoMac image below the fire is significantly larger than that now. Although the command team says there will be no change in tactics due to the firefighter deaths I suspect that is not altogether true. The eastern progression may be allowed […]

Two Die In The Line Of Duty On The Station Fire

Station Fire officials notified the public that two Los Angeles County Firefighters died during fire suppression activities near Acton. The LA Times has details. What makes this tragedy more sad is the two fallen firefighters may be brothers. Deepest condolences to the family and friends of the fallen firefighters.

Mt Wilson in Path of Station Fire

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Mt Wilson WebCam About the facility.

Station Fire, More Google Earth Views, Map, Scanner Link

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The images below show a look at the Station Fire as it is seen by residents in Acton and other communities in the Santa Clarita Valley. For anyone that wants to listen to Station Fire air attack communications listen here. Choose the channel from the menu that focuses on LA County Sheriff, Fire, and EMS.The […]

Station Fire Satellite Imagery

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Images from MODIS Rapid Response System, near real time subsets of the Station Fire. Note the extreme smoke plume heading due north yesterday.Please click the images to expand Compare the current size of the Station Fire to the (now contained) 90,000 acre La Brea Fire burn to the west above Santa Barbara.

Station Fire Commander Called Out Of Retirement to Head Effort

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The Station Fire incident commander is Mike Dietrich. Dietrich who commanded the efforts on 240,000 acre Zaca fire in 2007 and the 230,000 acre Basin Complex in 2008 has come out of retirement to lead this effort. Dietrich and his team take a wider view of incidents of this magnitude. Expect this fire to expand […]

Station Fire: Maps, News Links, More

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The best local coverage of the Station Fire and other blazes burning in Southern California is on The LA Times as usual does a fantastic job of covering the fires as well. Of course Twitter Search is also abuzz with local insights and also where I found this time lapse video. Time Lapse Test: […]

Station Fire Maps, Google Earth Views

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The Station Fire ice capped mid afternoon providing Southern Californians with a spectacular view of the fast growing blaze. Everyone in the Southland can see this fire. I grabbed the images below from Google Earth using the USFS kml files from the MODIS Active Fire Program site. Click on the images to enlarge. Looking up […]

Station Fire; Angeles Crest

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The Station Fire is currently reported at 5,500 acres with minimal containment. As you can see from the GeoMac image below the fire has multiple heads. Though there is not any wind event present or in the forecast it bears watching. Fuel moisture content is extremely low and the weather is hot. I took this […]

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