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DC-10 Supertanker, Tanker 910 Over Slide Fire

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Great video of Tanker 910 making a drop over the Slide Fire on October 22. The converted DC-10 Supertanker is making a drop on the right flank of the fire near the head. Unfortunately the 40 mph winds dispersed the retardant over a too wide area but the point has been made again that this […]

Southern California Fires Satellite Image

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Modis RapidFire Image from 10/23 Note the activity in Mexico and how the Harris Fire has apparently crossed the border.

Slide Fire, Grass Valley Fire Updates

The Grass Valley Fire is at 1,000 acres burned with an estimated 200 homes destroyed. The slide Fire has burned over 5,100 acres and has destroyed over 200 homes. Exact counts are not available but the reported count is 200 homes on each fire. There is some confusion as the incident base camp is changing […]

Southern California Fires Updates

Fires Updates Date Time News and Notes 10/23 1525 Update Rosa; the fire has burned 350 acres and is 70 percent contained. The fire has threatened 175 residence. 10/23 1520 Update Ranch; The fire has burned 54,518 acres and is 10% contained. Numerous residential structures are threatened by the fire. 10/23 1515 Update Canyon; The […]

Southern California Fires, Satellite Imagery

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From Modis RapidFire Click on the optional sizes tabs on the Modis site.

"Al Gore or Al Qaeda"

“…. and I don’t like either one”! This is a quote I heard on the Big Bear scanner, by one of the air attack guys flying over Lake Arrowhead. The pilot was commenting on the view he had overlooking the Southland and how these fires are sprouting all over. For a moment we may want […]