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Yosemite DNC Fire On Duty (photo essay)

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Yosemite DNC Fire Captains Giles and Rosenbloom stand ready for an incoming medevac chopper.

Dramatic Rescue By Firefighters With Seabees Help In Santa Barbara

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September 11, 2001 by Tom Dunn FDNY

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September 11, 2001, 0000 hrs. FF Dunn relieves FF Jacobs on house watch dept., personal quarters, in good order.

Two Sheriff's Deputies Rescued From Rocky Beach After DUI Suspect Plows Into Patrol Car

The officers were parked on the side of Highway 1 in Malibu when a drunk hit their vehicle vaulting it over the small cliff and into the rocks above the surf

Bambi Rescued By Firefighters. Feel Good Story of The Week

Bambi Rescued By Firefighters. Feel Good Story of The Week

Troutman Fire and Rescue Guided to Crash Scene by Onstar

Troutman Fire and Rescue Department in Troutman North Carolina responded to a traffic accident reported by Onstar. No one else had reported the accident and the vehicle was off the road and out of sight.

Texas Team Geared Up For Haiti Told to Stand Down

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A Texas search and rescue team and other similar units mobilized to help earthquake victims in Haiti have been told they are not needed. Members of Texas Task Force 1 have been on standby in Houston since Thursday to head to the devastated island nation.

Port-au-Prince Should Be Evacuated (Updated)

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Two million people (or more) live in Port-au-Prince and at the moment there is no municipal water or sewer system. Electric power is at best spotty if existent at all.

Major Earthquake Strikes Ill Prepared Port-au-Prince Haiti

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Hard to believe but the 2 million residents of Port-au-Prince Haiti are served by a single fire station.

Kern County Fire Copter 408 Rescues Baby (video)

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Flash flooding near Lake Isabella in Kern County stranded people on their roofs as water slammed against homes last Sunday, July 13. In the video below the crew of Kern County Fire Department Helicopter 408 hover over a home where a family of three await rescue. The crew successfully rescues a baby before returning for […]

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