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Global Warming, Global Con, An Aussie View

Take a couple of minutes to look at a series of 4 advertisements running currently in Australia. The final one puts the entire issue in perspective from the view of smaller nations. Australia’s Parliament is in a mess over the government’s position on the matter. This week five MP’s resigned rather than sign on to […]

Beware of Dr. Utopia, He Wants You Shackled

This prescient cartoon from 1948 says it all. Pulled from the pages of Hillbuzz, a site I never thought I’d quote from.

Forest Fire Funds Back Where It Belongs

U.S. Senate overrules Obama administration’s diversion of forest fire funds to D.C. parks

You Order, You Pay. La Brea Fire May Usher In New Era Of Interagency Cooperation

The La Brea fire may be offering hints of a new direction in the long standing cooperative agreement between Cal Fire and the Feds. Mike Dubrasich, Executive Director of the Western Institute for Study of the Environment shared with Firefighter Blog readers the following passage in last evening’s 209 report. “At 1200 the fire entered […]

No Fires So I Guess I'll Scribble

Thanks to wildland fire professionals in California and the Western US every brush or timber fire that has started over the past month has been stomped out quickly. This is good news. The State deserves a break after last year. In the meantime I am using the down time trading-researching-positioning my stocks and following world […]

California Budget Woes, Cal Fire Particulars To come

Reports from various sources hint that Cal Fire stands to lose $17 million from their budget due to the State being broke. One source quotes the Governor declaring there will be a 5% pay cut across the board for state workers. Other sources suggest Governor Schwarzenegger wants to eliminate the California Youth Authority, another consideration […]

Police Services Consolidating, Preview To The Future Of California?

It’s happening, from state level to municipalities police services are running out of money. Yesterday the USA Today reported on the phenomenon and cited some examples of affected communities including the Palm Springs area in California.“In Southern California, Indio and its neighbors Palm Springs, Desert Hot Springs, Cathedral City and Beaumont have merged some key […]

New Threat to California Cuts, San Quentin Prison

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Last week California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger threatened to cut firefighters from the state budget in a deliberate attempt to scare voters into accepting his package of initiatives coming to market May 19. That didn’t impress anyone so I guess selling San Quentin prison and the L.A. Coliseum and a few other odd holdings like the […]

Cal Gov. Schwarzenegger Threatens To Gut Cal Fire

In an attempt to drum up support for his confusing package of budget initiatives California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has threatened to eliminate 1,700 positions from Cal Fire. has the story. According to the article the Governor wants to: “…slashing $80.8 million from Cal Fire’s spending plan – a 10 percent reduction – by eliminating […]

Is This A Joke?

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If this is real I will not sign and I know very few who will. [youtube=] UPDATE: Apparently it is not a joke. As a matter of fact the movement is loosely called the “Obama Revolution”, something I’m not sure is necessary at all.Read about the less than stellar response the kids got here.

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