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Casting Call – BBC Worldwide Productions Looking For Firefighters

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BBC Worldwide Productions is seeking a host for a new BBC series. They are looking for a firefighter! If you are so inclined contact Rachel

Time For a Funny Video On The Economy

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If you live in California this video will make sense to you.“But you must speak JAVA” [youtube=]

Pain At The Pump, The $100 Fill Up!

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It finally happened, I paid a Bill, a C note, a hundred bucks to fill my car tonight. I passed on the line at Costco where they were charging $4.51 and opted for a Valero station that was charging $4.55 and 9/10ths, (can we dispense with that little marketing gimmick now). Hardly anyone at the […]

Fuel Cost Protests Spread to India, France & Portugal

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Two die in Spain as truckers continue the general strike against high fuel costs. In India hundreds take to the streets. Throughout Europe protests are taking place in France, Portugal, Belgium, Italy and throughout Spain. Malaysians have had enough as well. [youtube=] In Los Angeles a mild mannered doctor’s patience was pushed to the limit […]

Gas Lines In Spain As Truckers Say "No Chingues"

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Roughly translated – don’t screw with us – as they strike, protesting high fuel prices. Truckers in Madrid and other parts of Spain have quit delivering fuel to gas stations causing long lines at stations with no gas! “15 percent of the capital’s outlets had run out of fuel. Manuel Amado, president of Catalonia’s owners’ […]

Off Topic: High School Valedictorian Faces Deportation

Fresno California Arthur Mkoyan, a recent Bullard High School graduate and class Valedictorian is to be deported to Armenia, a place he was moved from when he was two years old. His family is scheduled to be put on a plane by the end of June.The local Congressman, who coincidently I voted for just hours […]

Firefighter Blog Around The Web

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The most fun from blogging is checking the visitor logs and seeing where readers come from. Quite a few visitors have surfed in from a Google search for “World’s Tallest Tree”. Firefighter Blog is the #1 web result behind Google’s own Youtube and image results. I saved the screen and posted it here as proof […]

Food Hoarding Coming To a Neighborhood Near You?

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I heard the reference to “Food Hoarding” three times while surfing through the cable news channels this morning. The topic is a major concern in India where distribution of foodstores to rural provinces is not always on a predictable time table. Here we have no problem with distribution, yet. I confess our pantry is pretty […]

Blue Angels — Simply Amazing

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Still here……no fires burning….in the Northern Hemishere anyway.In the meantime, enjoy this. More images here.

Off Topic; Animal World Drama

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Humans can learn something from this water buffalo herd. [youtube=]