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September 11, 2001 FDNY Firefighter Tommy Dunn Reports For Duty….

“September 11, 2001, 0000 hrs. FF Dunn relieves FF Jacobs on house watch dept., personal quarters, in good order.”

Bastrop Texas Wildfire

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The Bastrop County Complex Fire has consumed more than 25,000 acres and claimed an estimated 476 homes or structures since yesterday

Wallow Fire Enters Eagar

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You can see the columns of smoke in the background of the webcam screen capture below

Greer Arizona Overrun, Wallow Fire Closes in On 400,000 Acres

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Fire passed through the village of Greer last evening. Some structures were lost, owners are being notified, we have NO further news here but

Port-au-Prince Should Be Evacuated (Updated)

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Two million people (or more) live in Port-au-Prince and at the moment there is no municipal water or sewer system. Electric power is at best spotty if existent at all.

Major Earthquake Strikes Ill Prepared Port-au-Prince Haiti

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Hard to believe but the 2 million residents of Port-au-Prince Haiti are served by a single fire station.