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Argentina Wildfire, The News Spread Like, Well…

Kind of amazing a smaller sized fire could get such International attention so quickly. Source: Reuters ” BUENOS AIRES, Feb 28 (Reuters) – Wildfires burned at a national park in Argentina’s Patagonia region on Thursday, threatening to destroy trees up to thousands of years old, and the government called for residents in the area to […]

Short News Shots, Australia and China

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From China we read a Yahoo! News report that fire officials are demanding sexual favors as bribes.How does that work? From Australia Bushfire Monitor we read about mega sized wildfires burning in the Outback.

3 Million Acres Burning In Paraguay

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Russian supertanker called to help. U.N sending aide as well as neighboring countries. Image From the Los Angeles Times:“BUENOS AIRES — — Wind-blown fires scorching the parched Paraguayan countryside have scarred almost 3 million acres of forest, brush, pasture and farmland, officials said Friday, forcing the evacuation of 15,000 people and threatening nature reserves. […]

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