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40 Dead In Israel Wildfire, Burned In Bus Trying To Flee

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Around 40 people are believed to have been killed in a devastating forest fire raging out of control near Israel’s northern city of Haifa, the country’s ambulance service said on Thursday.

Russia's Putin In The Cockpit of Air Tanker Dropping Water Over Fires

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Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin eased into the cockpit of a Be-200 air tanker after takeoff and took an active part in fighting the devastating fires ravaging Western Russia by releasing water over two fires today.

Moscow Shrouded In Smoke, 1.8 Million Acres Scorched

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Muscovites advised to hang wet sheets in open windows to filter smoke.

"Ill Equipped" Russia Battling Deadly Wildfires

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*Russian president, ordered the armed forces to help douse the fires on Friday, admitting that Russia was technically ill-equipped to combat the escalating crisis

Lightning Ignites Wildfires In Northern Ontario, Smoke Affects Boston

There are 34 active fires in Ontario, bringing the season total to 388 with 7,448 hectares affected, well above the 10-year average for this time of year, the ministry says.

Wildfire Assault On Queensland Australia's Central Coast

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Residents of the central coast of Queensland Australia are confronting what long time residents are calling the worst fire conditions in memory.  ABC Australia reports. (video included in link) The image below is a satellite visualization of the fires burning along the Queensland coast October 17. The Queensland Fire and Rescue Service reported that fire […]

China Quake; Entire Cities Flattened

China Earthquake Video- Links More earthquake video on Take your pick of the various China Earthquake Relief Funds.

China Quake Video From The Ground

Tudou, China’s version of Youtube offers video from the ground. Most of the videos you see here have not made it to the major media outlets yet!

Dubai Fire; When Money is No Object

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I admit a fascination with Dubai. Over the top architecture, man made island cities and a place where Chevy Corvettes arrive at an emergency scenes before fire suppression apparatus. Yes it’s true and you can read about it here, where you will also read about the fleet of Hummers they operate; “Brigadier Rashid Thani Al […]

Hundreds of Fires in Russia & Argentina

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FNN, via Daily News Bulletin: “More than 500 wildfires have erupted in three Russian regions over the last 24 hours, the Russian Emergencies Ministry said. 578 wildfires have erupted in three Russian regions (Far East, Siberia and Volga Urals) over the last 24 hours. A total of 819 wildfires have been registered, 579 of them […]

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