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High Finances & Wildland Firefighting

A Firefighter Blog reader pointed to an informative article on that covers the high costs of fighting wildfires in California. The article describes Governor Schwarzenegger’s plan to attach a tax on homeowners insurance premiums for those living in fire prone areas. The high cost of fighting wildland fires is a pet peeve here. I […]

Basin Complex Joins Indians Fire West Perimeter

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The 81,000 acre Indians Fire and the 78,000 acre Basin Complex fire have met. The combined acreage will soon exceed the total consumed by the Marble Cone Fire in 1977. the Marble-Cone fire claimed 178,000 acres. I’m trusting the GeoMAC software on this one. Basin Fire command has been planning on this for some time. […]

Basin Complex Fire Maps Views July 5

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The maps below show the progess of the Basin Complex fire as represented by USFS MODIS via KML/Google Earth overlay. The “dots” are not represented as real time but they do offer a visual of areas that have burned and terrain in the path of the fire. The first image is looking at the north […]

Indians Fire Final Numbers; 80,000 Acres $40 Million

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Two residences were lost and 17 firefighters were injured, one suffered significant burns. Draw your own conclusions. It’s shocking really.

Basin Complex Fire Slows, Indians IC Adding Acreage

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Good news from the Basin Fire tonight as the fire appears to have lost steam under milder weather. Fire commander Deitrich offers the following assessment in the even incident summary; Today’s observed fire behavior:West Zone: “Fire behavior moderated in all areas with backing and creeping.”East Zone: “Active runs above 2000 ft elevation. Smoldering and creeping […]

Big Sur's Basin Complex a Three Headed Monster

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The latest GeoMAC image captured at 1:00pm today shows the fire spotting off the south flank of the Basin Complex Fire. We know from the morning ICS-209 that Incident Commander Dietrich is not keen on putting firefighters inside the perimeter for the most part. There is not much to be gained and very much to […]

Officials: Big Sur Fires May Exceed 250,000 Acres

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The Indians Fire and Basin Complex Fire currently burning in the Ventana Wilderness will likely combine to become the the largest fire in modern California state history. This morning’s ICS-209 report for the Basin Complex Fire, now called Basin Complex West includes an estimated final size at 170,000 acres. The Basin Complex West fire will […]

Indians Fire A Zaca Fire Redux?

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The Indians Fire burning in the Ventana Wilderness and Fort Hunter Liggett was 50% contained at 41,000 acres but is now at 35% containment according to the updated ICS-209 report. Recall the Zaca Fire when the fire command lost it after nearly pinching it off at 35,000 acres? As I recall it was the same […]

Indians Fire Satellite Image

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Image NASA, Raipidfire California Subset Unique imagery showing fog hugging the coast. Barely 25 miles inland the Indians Fire races on doubling in size overnight to an estimated 44,000 acres. It’s also unusual to see a S/E wind against the coastal inversion. Also note in the upper part of the image the Humboldt Fire still […]

New: Electra Fire, State Fire Resources Stretched

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Cal Fire is working a new fire in the Mokelumne River drainage near Electra. The fire grew quickly to over 400 acres within three hours of the first alarm. The nearest town is Mokelumne Hills however the small community is not in imminent danger. The fire is currently burning on the Amador County (north) side […]