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Athens Greece Fires in Video

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Youtube is the best source for raw footage and photo compilations for this incident. In our country we rightfully preach safety as paramount. To that end we rarely see civilians actually manning fire hoses or beating flames with towels and branches. There is something very refreshing seeing citizens taking matters into their own hands to […]

New Greek Fires Satellite Imagery (Aug 23)

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Athens Greece under assault. Click image to enlarge (Κάντε κλικ στην εικόνα για να καταστήσουν μεγαλύτερο) From NASA Rapifire

Greek Fires Video of Air Assault

Maryblue on iReport has some incredible video of the Greek Wildfires. Notice in this video how close to the ground these aircraft get. Montanan David Jamsa lost his life last week flying in a similar aircraft in a fire near Reno. Follow the fires at Twitter #grfires.

Greek Fires Satellite Imagery

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A quote from the Mayor of Marathonas: ‘I fear that unless the fire is contained during the night we will see nothing left standing by sunrise,’ said Spyros Zagoris, the Mayor of Marathonas. Story The fires are being pushed by gale force winds and aircraft was pulled for the night. Hopefully civilians have fled the […]

Greek Fires Video View

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The human side of this Greek national tragedy may be the story of 2007. There is stressed emotion visible in every image from stills to video. The first video is raw footage from the fire front in Grilos. The second is a montage to music and the final video news based from yesterday 8/27. (Warning: […]

Greek Fires Satellite Images, Acreage 450k

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64 confirmed dead, Over 450,000 acres scorched Images from NASA-MODIS Rapidfire (below) seem to show less fire activity today than yesterday. This view only shows Southern Greece. Probably the best spot on the web to get world news round up of the tragedy is Google News. The best coverage of the Greek fires is coming […]

Greek Fires Pictures via Video Caps

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With round the clock coverage of the national disaster some viewers in Greece are taking to the web to catalog the event. Have a look at this Flickr page for some amazing video captures including some that show suspected arsonists caught in the act.

Satellite Images Of Fires In Greece

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Satellite images from NASA-Modis Rapidfire indicate the fires in Southern Greece may be weakening. Compare the images from August 26 to the image below.(Click to enlarge) Image from August 25, 2007

Greek Fires Terror Related?

A sensational headline but a very real subject. The quote below is taken from Atlas Shrugs. “The police, the armed forces and the Greek antiterrorism authorities have found arson devices in Greek forest areas which are triggered by mobile phones. Satellite images reveal that within a space of a single hour, many fires appeared in […]

Greece Wildfires Assault Ancient Olympia

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U.S. news coverage of this real life Greek tragedy has been stimulated now that the fires threaten the ancient ruins of Olympia. So far 51 people, including 3 firefighters have died in the blazes.Olympia is home to 11,000 people, the historic ruins will survive any fire. From“The worst blazes _ 42 major fronts _ […]

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