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Cal Fire Stations and Camps Mapped On Google Earth

Entry Img has mapped out the location of each Cal Fire station and camp on Google Earth and Google Maps.

Swine Flu Cases Plotted on Google Maps

Swine Flu Cases Mapped View H1N1 Swine Flu in a larger map(grab map with your mouse to move map around)

Map Of Victoria Fires

Mashable points us to a Google Maps workup of the Victoria Fires. Click here for the code.

Reporting The Basin Complex Fire With Google's Help

Entry Img

Keith at Xasauan Today is offering great local coverage of the Basin Complex Fire. Keith has intimate knowledge of the back country of Big Sur and is using Google Earth with Forest Service KML overlays to highlight firefighter movements and fire activity.This is ground breaking local reporting. What Keith is doing could be a template […]

Mapping The California Fires

From Satmapper via comment section; “If you have Google Earth installed, you can pick-up the MODIS data yourself in KML format (Google Earth) for CONUS at: After downloading, open the file to start Google Earth. This has the additional benefit of giving the recording time of each spot you poke on”. Thank you Satmapper. […]

Google Responds To Quake With Tech Aid

Entry Img

In what may be the first large scale response by a tech company to a natural disaster, Google has jumped to the aid of the Chinese government and people in the wake of the massive Sichuan Quake. China based Shanghaiist Blog offers this summary of the Google quake response; “With over 30,000 dead, another tens […]

Wildfires Kill 44 In Greece, Including 3 Firefighters

View Larger Map Reuters via Yahoo! news:“Fire brigades were battling 87 forest fires around the country on Saturday, in “western Greece, the Peloponnese, the island of Evia and the Attica (Athens) region,” fire department spokesman Ioannis Stamoulis said. Soaring temperatures, hot winds, drought and arson have been blamed for the unusual number of forest fires […]