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Shuttered Detroit Firehouses Stripped of Metal and Wire

At least a half-dozen fire stations across the city from Southwest Detroit to the near east side, including engine and ladder companies 33, 46 and 49, are now closed.

Ads On Fire Engines?

If the advertiser can promise a percentage of profits gained from the campaign back to the city – designated directly back to the fire department as well as the money from the ads then why not?

"The Noodle" Should Get The Can. 'Disabled' L.A. Firefighter Moonlighting As MMA Fighter

L.A. city firefighter Rafael Davis was caught moonlighting as a mixed martial arts fighter, under the name “The Noodle:
The 35-year-old was arrested at his Lomita home at 9 a.m. this morning on suspicion of insurance fraud

What Constitutes Retired – Disabled?

Cliff Stabner, a 55-year-old city firefighter who retired in 2003 with a three-quarter disability pension of $95,000 annually, has surfaced as a member of the fire rescue team responding to crashes at Dover International Speedway in Delaware

Fire Captain Says Lack Of Personnel Reason He broke His Back

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We were trained never to climb a ladder without someone footing it.

California's Cal Fire Poised To Contract With More Local Municipalities

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…in this challenging economy, there is a rise in the number of inquiries from local governing bodies requesting information or proposals from CAL FIRE..

Camden New Jersey, The Public Safety Layoff Template

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Camden New Jersey is set to lay off one third of their fire fighting force tomorrow. Mayor Redd and her administration have exhausted all potential avenues available to avoid the job losses.

Public Pensions; A Ticking Time Bomb

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The town of Prichard stopped paying their pensioners and in the wake retired firefighters and other public servants suffered.

CAL FIRE Hiring Seasonal Firefighters for 2011

Firefighter I is a temporary classification used by CAL FIRE. The Fire Fighter I application period usually occurs between November and January and hiring usually occurs between April and June, depending upon the year’s fire and weather conditions.

Misplaced Priorities: City Lays Off Firefighters, Buys Expensive Art Work!

The City of Ann Arbor Michigan has approved funding an elaborate water fountain art project costing over $800,000.00. An Arbor recently fired three full time firefighters due to budget constraints.

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