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NYT, Firefighter Profile – Probie Makes a Grab, Share Your Story!

The New York Times wants “first fire” stories by firefighters. As a springboard the news giant offers a most impressive story about FDNY probationary firefighter Jordan Sullivan titled “Baptism By Fire”. Hats off to Firefighter Sullivan and the crew of Ladder Company 105.  A nod as well to N.R. Kleinfield for putting together such a great story. […]

Highland Park Michigan Firefighter, "A Year On My Lid" (Video)

Highland Park firefighter Scott Ziegler pieced together this montage of video taken from his helmet cam over a one year period.

Firefighters As Politicians in Sprint TV Commercial

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How many of you have seen this TV commercial depicting firefighters as politicians? The ad for Sprint-Nextel cleverly depicts improved government functionality if firefighters ran the show. When I first saw this TV commercial I was floored by the insight of the creative team. They nailed it.

Blog of Future Firefighter Paul Whalen

Thanks for the mention Paul, I’m honored.Best of luck to you.Be safe.