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Tunnel Visions, a Kurt Kamm Firefighter Novel

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I just finished reading Kurt Kamm’s latest novel, Tunnel Visions. Kamm places us in Southern California where Fire Captain Nick Carter finds himself squarely in the middle of a homeland terror investigation. At question is water delivery to the drought parched Southland and the extremes domestic terrorists might take to interrupt the flow. Events are […]

Must Read, "Rescue Men" by Charles Kenney

Not many firefighter families have an accomplished writer in the family. The Kenney family does. Charles Kenney‘s book “Rescue Men” recounts the careers of his father Sonny and his grandfather “Pops”. Pops was a first responder on the devastating Cocoanut Grove Fire in 1942. Kenney‘s dad Sonny followed his father’s footsteps, becoming a firefighter with […]