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Nice List Of Fire Sites and Firefighter Blogs

FireCritic compiled a nice list of fire related sites including fire and EMS blogs. I am proud to say Firefighter Blog was included. Much appreciated Fire Critic!

Firefighter Blogs, Gadgets, Spring Forward

Firefighter Blog readers may have noticed the chat gizmo on the upper right of the sidebar. Google is forever coming up with innovations and this one has already proved useful.For instance, the other night I was notified via a polite beep that someone was shooting me a chat message from the blog. Turns out it […]

L.A. Times Is Fire Blogging

Editor & Publisher reports the Los Angeles Times is blogging the fires. Check out their fire blog here. Clean, great resources blog roll and the full weight of their reporting staff behind it. They are following a trend of established (print) media understanding audience hunger for incident news in blog form. I’ve blogged on the […]

Best Australian Firefighter Blog

Entry Img

Australia Bushfire Monitor

Two More Firefighter Blogs Added To The Roll

Deaf Firefighter Blog About the Author;“This is the diary of a deaf man is becoming a volunteer firefighter (aka. Jake). My name is Neil and I started at the Fire Department of Montgomery Township in August of 2003. I’ve started this blog to chronicle my experiences, my achievements and my mistakes (probably more of the […]

Incident Blogging, What The Angora Fire Showed Us

The Angora Fire at Lake Tahoe sent tens of thousands of searchers to the web searching for information on the fire. Nothing new, it’s where we go for breaking news, fresh information and photos. What’s new is how search engines are appreciating blogs and promoting some to the front page of the search results. Last […]

Prolific Blogger Firefighter Wayne Hangs It Up

Firefighter Wayne author of Firefighter has filed his last blog. Firefighter Wayne served on the Detroit Fire Department from 1962 to 1998, 36 years. The stated goal of his blog was to “Promote The History Of Firefighting” and he did by posting interesting stories of historic fires and fire service trivia. I aliked Wayne’s style, […]