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Firefighter Websites and Video

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Video on the web has come to firefighter websites in a big way. Two notables are and Both sites run their video platform from third party video platform providers like KIT Digital Inc. or Brightcove. This requires an expensive investment and since both sites are corporate backed they are able to make this […]

Adrenaline Rush Just Watching

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From the YouTube page of Larry R. Erickson. This is a fantastic fire line video from the Summit Valley Oak Hills Brushfire in March 2007. Please notice the homes with requisite defensible space. [youtube=]

Two Fire Videos, Both So Wrong For Different Reasons

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The first video is an animated effort by persons with a perverted concept of firefighting and firefighters. It’s so bad I had to post it. [youtube=] Full story from Hope Fire Company

"It Sounded Like A Train"

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Check out this dramatic footage from the Pine Barrens Fire in New Jersey May 16.Notice the wind in at the tree tops. [youtube=] Thanks to Jason at Hamptons Fire for the heads up.

Video From The Griffith Park Brushfire

Hamptons Fire embedded some of the better video’s from the Griffith Park Brush Fire earlier today. Considering how many people could see the fire from their own doorsteps it’s not surprising so many videos and images are available. Earlier today I added some random video from the incident on my Vod.Pod (below on sidebar).