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Great Hinckley Firestorm; History As a Reminder

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I caught a column in our local paper this Sunday written by Daniel James Brown. Daniel is the Author of “Under a Flaming Sky,” a book detailing the historic Hinckley Fire, a fire that took the life of his great grandfather. Daniel suggests we can expect more wildland fires like the Angora Fire due to […]

Firefighters And Equipment Of World War ll

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It’s a great subject and thanks to the Internet we get a peek into the past with sites like Firefighters In Fatigues, a project by James G. Davis. Another site, Army Fire Trucks offers a great collection of fire equipment from the era. It’s great to see the work of enthusiasts and know it is […]

Shanghai Firefighters In Training

Physical training, recreation and maintaining a cohesive unit. This China Daily article has some interesting photos of the Shanghai.I have found it difficult to find decent information on city fire departments in China. Compared to the vast information available in the Western world China’s fire service personnel are still underserved on the web. Their training, […]