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Australia's Fire Season Heating Up

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As you can see from this up to the minute fire mapping tool from NASA the Aussie fire season is underway. Early in the season we see wildfires, or bushfires affecting the Continent from Queensland and parts of the Northern Territory. In a mater of weeks the more populated southern states of New South Wales […]

Freeway Complex Fire Maps

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A reader forward the link to the map below from of the USFS. Contrast the image with the MODIS and CONUS KML detections on Google Earth below. The FireImaging software is much more detailed. MODIS & CONUS KML via Google Earth Detection(Click images to enlarge)

Telegraph Fire Maps

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The map shown below does not include the legend. You must follow this Map Link for a legend description. The map is not a fire perimeter map as much as a definition of evacuation warnings and watches. Click map images to enlarge. I’m posting another GeoMAC map with some reservation. The map shows activity that […]

Mapping The California Fires

From Satmapper via comment section; “If you have Google Earth installed, you can pick-up the MODIS data yourself in KML format (Google Earth) for CONUS at: After downloading, open the file to start Google Earth. This has the additional benefit of giving the recording time of each spot you poke on”. Thank you Satmapper. […]

California Fires Map & Satellite Image June 26, 2008

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Smoke fills the air in the northern part of the state. The air in Fresno County, (mid state) has never been uglier or more toxic according to local air monitoring districts. 1,088 fires burning, 12,000+ firefighters assigned June 26 NorCal Update. (click to enlarge image) Visit MODIS RapidFire for a closeup of the smoke. I […]

California Fires Map From Cal Fire & OES

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California Office of Emergency Services California Fires Map for June 24, 2008. (Click Image to Enlarge) .

So Cal Fire Map, Santa Ana Winds on October 22

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The fire mappers at NorthTree Fire drew this amazing map of the Santa Ana winds driving the fires on October 22. Click this link for a larger image. Image with permission of NorthTree Fire. .

NorthTree Fire Maps The Moonlight Fire

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The map below was constructed by NorthTree Fire.Image URL NorthTree Fire is a private mapping outfit that contracts for fires and other large-scale events.To access their works you have to download Google Earth. NorthTree is clearly the leader in fire mapping and you can see why by the image above.