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Wildfire Report From Michael Archer's Excellent Blog

Michael’s “Firebomber Publications Blog” is a must add to your blogroll.

Twitter as Emergency Communication Platform

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Last week I mentioned I’d be leaning on Twitter as the 2009 wildfire season unfolds. I have spent the past two days playing around on the platform. I opened a new account unrelated to firefighting and in less than 48 hours I have 24 “followers” in this new community. Update: As of January 26 my […]

Firefighter Blog Recent Observations, Traffic Etc.

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I have been playing around with the direction of this blog since it’s beginning. Originally the idea was to post on firefighter injuries and deaths as a tribute to heroes. The blog was started just as blogging as a communication platform was taking off. I’m not sure if this was the first firefighter blog but […]

CalFire Blog, Raw, Breaking Fire News

If you want the best up to the minute fire news, links and images click over and bookmark California Fire News. The blog is firefighter operated and is packed with fire information. In his own words; “California Fire News – Breaking Fire News And Photos From California and around The World – Firefighting related News […]

Hamptons Fire Blog Focusing On Video

Hamptons Fire blog has gone almost completely to video and images. In fact their description line is now, “Home Of The Best Firefighting Video..” I like the straight forward presentation of Hamptons Fire Blog. The site now fits the definition of a vlog . Hamptons Fire may be the first “Firefighter Vlog”.