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FDNY Firefighter Tom Dunn – September 11, 2001 – His Story

I later found out that this was the second tower. Again visibility became zero and the process began again: coughing, gagging. Again people came to me for air. I remember wandering around and helping whoever I could, all the while trying to figure out just where we were and if there was a roll call being conducted anywhere.

FDNY Firefighters Escort WTC Steel Cross To Flight 93 Memorial

Linda Graffagnino Is a Hero Too

Linda lost her husband Firefighter Joseph Graffagnino two weeks ago in a fire in an abandoned building near ground zero. Also losing his life was Firefighter Robert Beddia, a 24 year veteran of the department. Linda is not playing the victim role as she speaks out against the city and those responsible for placing her […]

Donate To A Worthy Cause

Jason at Hamptons Fire is generously donating a portion of his earnings from to a worthy cause. The New York FirefightersBurn Center Foundation21 Asch LoopBronx, NY 10475 (718) The New York Firefighters Burn Center Foundation has sent youngsters ranging in age from eight to eighteen to this camp from the very beginning. This […]

FDNY Rescue Stories

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Stories from the pages of FDNY Website. Firefighters from Marine Company 1 “Firefighter John Rizzo, tethered by a rescue rope, jumped into the 40-degree water and searched under Pier 40.” Ladder Company 41, with assistance from Engine Company 90 and Engine Company 45 “Two victims were located just inside the front door on the first […]