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Thermo-Gel On The Job In Santa Barbara

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Thermo-Gel was on the job in Santa Barbara last week. A homeowner protected his house from the advancing flames of the Jesusita Fire and left a note for firefighters indicating the home had been “gelled”. The images below were provided to me by the fine people at Thermo-Gel. Notice the sign on the porch entrance. […]

Greens Planted Seeds For "Perfect Storm" Fire Scenario in Victoria State

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The Australian reports many local townships and homeowners failed to heed warnings concerning defensible space. Despite pleas from local bushfire experts area “greens” designed new housing developments with complete disregard for fire. In fact in some cases homeowners were required to plant trees and vegetation close to their homes. Their guidance was “trees being the […]

San Diego Utility Suing Burned Out Homeowners

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San Diego Gas and Electric is going after homeowners that may have disregarded defensible space standards during the 2007 fire season. The complaints were filed in response to class action lawsuits filed against them. According to San Diego Online SDG&E has filed cross complaints against homeowners, local municipalities and even fire agencies in response to […]

Homeowner Safety During a Wildfire, Aussie Style

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While looking around the CFA Victoria website after posting the story in the post below I ran across this very useful video on homeowner safety as it pertains to wildland, or bushfires. Here is the link to CFA.Vic Youtube page. [youtube=]

The "Stay or Go" Debate, They Stay In Australia

The story of the Baker Family in Anakie Australia written by the L.A. Times paints a realistic picture of what confronts residents who choose to stay and fight approaching wildfires. Clearly here in the U.S. we are entering a new era where federal firefighters are backing away from directly attacking wildfires. Firefighter safety is cited […]

Homeowner Discusses How His Home Was Spared

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This San Diego County homeowner did all the right things to prevent his home becoming toast during the Witch Fire. His preventive actions caught the attention of his home insurer. [youtube=]

CDF Website: 100 Feet Defensible Space

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Great page on the CDF Website. From that overview site check out the Homeowners Checklist Page and check out the interactive visuals linked on the bottom of the page. “The CDF Homeowners Checklist is your tool for fire safety inside and outside your home. Print it out and use it as a handy guide to […]