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Tanker 979 (747 Supertanker) Maiden Fire Drop

MyFoxLA was the first to follow the Supertanker as it circled the Station Fire and made its first drop on a live fire. This day has been long in coming for the people at Evergreen Aviation in Marana Arizona. The tanker offers up 20,000 gallons per load. Consider that Tanker 910, the DC-10 Supertanker delivers […]

You Order, You Pay. La Brea Fire May Usher In New Era Of Interagency Cooperation

The La Brea fire may be offering hints of a new direction in the long standing cooperative agreement between Cal Fire and the Feds. Mike Dubrasich, Executive Director of the Western Institute for Study of the Environment shared with Firefighter Blog readers the following passage in last evening’s 209 report. “At 1200 the fire entered […]

Where Is The Evergreen 747 Supertanker?

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One year ago I pondered why the Forest Service killed the deal with Evergreen for use of the 747 Supertanker. The decision was made by a non firefighting administrator just prior to a contract signing. Had smarter heads prevailed we would be seeing the giant air tanker dropping retardant and water over fires today. What […]

DC-10 Supertanker, Tanker 910 Over Slide Fire

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Great video of Tanker 910 making a drop over the Slide Fire on October 22. The converted DC-10 Supertanker is making a drop on the right flank of the fire near the head. Unfortunately the 40 mph winds dispersed the retardant over a too wide area but the point has been made again that this […]

Lick Fire Chars 27,000 Acres So Far

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On September 3 the Lick Fire Incident Commander took a good look at the scene and estimated the fire could grow to 30,000 acres. This estimate was based on existing fire breaks, natural barriers and the weather at the time. According to last night’s official Incident 209 report the fire has already taken out 27,000 […]

Stevens Fire Update

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You can see for yourself from this webcam view that the fire is no longer a threat. If you can’t believe your eyes then you can read it here at, Peru’s top fire reporting site. I did a double take when I saw Google News had the Peruvian web site up top for news […]

80 Fire Initial Attack Requests DC-10 Tanker, Denied

I came across an interesting item on the “Initial Attack” forum thread on Members reported a new fire off Interstate 80 near the summit dubbed the “80 Fire.” As you follow the thread it is apparent the Incident Commander upon size up requested a “heavy” air tanker from dispatch. For whatever reason the request […]

Bee Columnist Jabs State On DC-10 Supertanker

The Sacramento Bee’s veteran political columnist Dan Walters got it all wrong in his recent piece questioning the motivations behind the Cal Fire’s contracting of the DC-10 Supertanker. He tries to draw a parallel to contracts for other aircraft made under the Davis administration to the Supertanker contract Governor Schwarzenegger signed earlier this year. Walters […]

DC-10 Supertanker On Scene–Zaca Fire

Thirty days and $64 million into the fight and someone finally rang the phone for the game ender. The Santa Maria Times ran a piece today on the Zaca Fire with a photo of the aircraft and this; “A large jet-powered DC-10 air tanker made four round trips from Victorville Sunday, and flew deep into […]

DC-10 Supertanker To Zaca Incident……..?

With down again SBCFire has stepped up to provide fire updates and within their report today we read; “Managers may use the high capacity (12,000 gallons) DC-10 aircraft this morning. Over 30 aircraft are working the fire.” Recall these lines from CalFire/CDF Director Ruben Grijalva who I quote in this post July 15 describing […]

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