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Clover Fire Perspective & Post Of The Year Candidate

W.I.S.E. sums up the Clover Fire blunder. Well said!

Safe To Say They Lost The Clover Fire

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Follow the Clover Fire live. — One hour interval — I’ve covered the Clover Fire and have watched this FUM to suppression fire deteriorate. Best of luck fellas, that’s nasty country to fight fire in. .

Clover Fire, They'll Fight It Now

The lightning caused Clover Fire has burned nearly 4,000 acres near the Sequoia National Forest. The Clover Fire began May 28 and was designated a “Wildland Fire Used For Rescource Benefit” or FUM. The fire has been redesignated and suppression efforts are now being put in place.Hikers on the Pacific Crest Trail are being rerouted, […]