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Look At California Fires Through Twitter

It’s only May 3 but the activity resembles mid August.

California Fire Season Set For An Early Start

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Kate Novoa on the Big Sur coast posted an image on showing impressive flame length from a local fire on February 7. Kimmer in Paso Robles offered this night view of a fire near Lake Nacimiento last week.

Prepare Your Defensible Space, Advice From Cal Fire

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Cal Fire offers advice to Californians living in the wildland /urban interface

'Motor Fire' Hitting on all Cylinders

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There could not be a less hospitable spot for a major wildfire than the Merced River Canyon near Yosemite National Park.

California Firefighters Chase Lightning Strikes

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Cal Fire’s FaceBook feed offers up some impressive stats from yesterday’s lightning storms in Southern California.

Cal Fire Stations and Camps Mapped On Google Earth

Entry Img has mapped out the location of each Cal Fire station and camp on Google Earth and Google Maps.

Windy May Drying Out the Golden State, High Sierra's Snow Packed

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Persistent, strong spring winds have been drying taller and heavier than usual grasses and lowland brush in California.  El Nino rains brought tall grass and thicker than normal brush to California and the West.

First Read: 2010-2011 Cal Fire "Emergency Fire Suppression" Budget Sliced by $32 Mil.

A decrease of $32.8 million for CAL FIRE’s emergency fire costs. Based on expenditures to date, CAL FIRE’s emergency fire suppression expenditures are estimated to be $255.8 million in 2009‑10. In 2010‑11, the Governor’s Budget proposes a total of $223 million.

NIFC Predictive Services Wildland Fire Outlook March – June

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The National Interagency Fire Center’s Predictive Services office details the potential effect of El Nino this Spring for all regions of the U.S.

Snow Blankets 2009 California Fire Grounds

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The season officially ended last month but in truth the season never ends. With near certainty I think 2009 is done.

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