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Ponderosa Fire

The Ponderosa Fire is burning in Shasta and Tehama Counties west of Mt Lassen in Northern California. The immediate threat is to the communities of Shingletown, Manton and Viola.

Prepare Your Defensible Space, Advice From Cal Fire

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Cal Fire offers advice to Californians living in the wildland /urban interface

Lightning Strikes Spark Fires in Sierras

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Early morning air to ground lighting has ignited 40 new fires in the Southern Sierra Nevada’s and Tehachapi’s in Kern County

'Motor Fire' Hitting on all Cylinders

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There could not be a less hospitable spot for a major wildfire than the Merced River Canyon near Yosemite National Park.

Cal Fire To Impose $150 Fee Per Inhabitable Structure in Response Zones

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Cal Fire, California’s elite wildland firefighting force is set to charge homeowners within their area of responsibility $145. It’s being called a “fire prevention fee” and the bill will create a Responsibility Area Fire Prevention Fund.

CAL FIRE and Military Partners Prepare for Peak Fire Season

CAL FIRE and Military Partners Prepare for Peak Fire Season

California's Cal Fire Poised To Contract With More Local Municipalities

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…in this challenging economy, there is a rise in the number of inquiries from local governing bodies requesting information or proposals from CAL FIRE..

CAL FIRE Hiring Seasonal Firefighters for 2011

Firefighter I is a temporary classification used by CAL FIRE. The Fire Fighter I application period usually occurs between November and January and hiring usually occurs between April and June, depending upon the year’s fire and weather conditions.

California Firefighters Chase Lightning Strikes

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Cal Fire’s FaceBook feed offers up some impressive stats from yesterday’s lightning storms in Southern California.

Cal Fire Stations and Camps Mapped On Google Earth

Entry Img has mapped out the location of each Cal Fire station and camp on Google Earth and Google Maps.

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