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Victoria Recognizing Second Anniversary of Black Saturday

Many communities will put on simple barbecues and beers in ceremonies to remember the 173 people killed in the fires on February 7, 2009 and to reflect on the two years of recovery so far and the prospects for the future.

Wildfire Safety Bunkers Approved in Australia

A couple of thoughts. If you can afford it why not have one installed. If you live in tornado country it could play a duel role. The larger version holds up to 8 people so multiple neighbors could share costs and use.

Aussie Mega Fires Contained After 69 Days

Australian news service reports the Great Divide fires have been contained. “Victoria’s longest running bushfire has been declared contained after the Swifts Creek section of the fires, in the state’s south-east, was contained this morning.The Great Divide fires were started by lightning strikes in bushland 69 days ago.Farmers have lost stock, outbuildings, fencing and […]