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Tunnel Visions, a Kurt Kamm Firefighter Novel

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I just finished reading Kurt Kamm’s latest novel, Tunnel Visions. Kamm places us in Southern California where Fire Captain Nick Carter finds himself squarely in the middle of a homeland terror investigation. At question is water delivery to the drought parched Southland and the extremes domestic terrorists might take to interrupt the flow. Events are […]

"Hazardous Material" A Firefighter Mystery Novel by Kurt Kamm.

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The plot line takes form as Bucky’s unit is called to assist on a meth bust near his station in the California desert.
Players on both sides of the methanphetamine culture dominate the pages.

Book Review – "Hot Zone, Memoir Of A Professional Firefighter"

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“Hot Zone” is written by Retired Fire Chief Christopher Teale Howes who served for 31 years with Palm Beach County Fire-Rescue.

Code Blood, A Good vs Evil Novel by Kurt Kamm

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Code Blood by Kurt Kamm took me by surprise. I intended to speed read the book to catch the high points but once I got a couple of chapters in I slowed down and enjoyed every new chapter. The book is built around two main characters, Colt, a firefighter/paramedic from Wyoming and a psychopathic albino

Books to Review

Two books in the queue are Cemetery Bird by Bridget Bufford and Code Blood by Kurt Kamm.

Fire Monks, A Story of Fire, Bravery and Abandonment

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When fire swept down canyon and into the grounds of their monastery a group of five Buddhist Monks were waiting. None of them had direct fire ground experience but what they possessed was a lifetime of physical and mental training in their discipline that helped prepare them for what they faced.

Book Review; "One Foot In The Black" by Kurt L. Kamm

“One Foot In The Black” is as close to real as anything I have read. Kurt Kamm brings us the story of a young man from the Mid West that travels to California to work the summer fire season. Later he catches on with L.A. County

Great Hinckley Firestorm; History As a Reminder

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I caught a column in our local paper this Sunday written by Daniel James Brown. Daniel is the Author of “Under a Flaming Sky,” a book detailing the historic Hinckley Fire, a fire that took the life of his great grandfather. Daniel suggests we can expect more wildland fires like the Angora Fire due to […]

The Reading List

I’m currently reading Because They Hate: A Survivor of Islamic Terror Warns America by Brigitte Gabriel. Brigitte is intimately qualified to warn the U.S.A and the West of the intentions of radical Islam. Her story of an idyllic childhood in Lebanon shattered at age 10 by a war between Christians and Muslims is chilling. Brigitte […]