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Pfeiffer Fire; Wildland Fire On California's Big Sur Coast (Updated)

An onshore wind flow, low humidity, above average temperatures and lack of rain has invited wildfire to California’s central coast.
The ‘Pfeiffer Fire’ has burned in excess of 300 acres and unconfirmed reports suggest numerous homes have been involved.

Storm Watch: Big Sur Burn Areas On Alert

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Residents on the Big Sur Coast and parts of Santa Cruz County brace for the effects of heavier than normal seasonal rains. Mud, land, rock slides and downed trees are a big danger in fresh burn areas. Big Sur Kate keeps watch with generous updates including links that include the incredible image below. The Basin […]

2008 California Fire Season Ends Where It Began

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Just as I offered the 2008 California wildfire “season”¬† closed, ¬†friend of Firefighter Blog Big Sur Kate reported a 10 acre fire on her coast. This is surely the final punctuation mark on the most destructive wildfire season in California history. The season began with a small roadside blaze in Big Sur on April 17 […]

Big Sur Artist, Big Sur Kate

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I’ve covered the Chalk Fire but mostly by following the continuous updates by Kate in Big Sur on her blog. Photo by Big Sur Kate; posted with permission The image above offers a look at a rare phenomenon. A low ceiling fog is hugging the Big Sur coast with smoke from the Chalk Peak Fire […]

Chalk Fire Won't Die

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The Chalk Fire burning in the south Big Sur region has reignited. Unseasonably warm weather has stoked the once dead fire forcing area residents to wonder if the wildfire assaults on Big Sur will ever end. Friend of Firefighter Blog Big Sur Kate lives just south of the Chalk Fire scene and captured the image […]

Chalk Peak Fire, South Big Sur Community Response

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Big Sur Kate continues to report on the Chalk Fire. She is on top of the fire (literally) and her coverage is providing vital information for her community. This is real life stuff folks, read it here! Note too how the affected residents are using gel to protect homes and out buildings. Update: 9/30/08 8:00pmThe […]

Chalk Peak Fire

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The Chalk Peak Fire is burning in the Los Padres National Forest. The fire started last night and has burned an estimated 600 acres. Big Sur Kate, who lives in the area is blogging the incident from her mountain top home. Read Kate’s blog here. In this RAMSDIS Sat. Image you can see smoke from […]

Basin Complex Joins Indians Fire West Perimeter

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The 81,000 acre Indians Fire and the 78,000 acre Basin Complex fire have met. The combined acreage will soon exceed the total consumed by the Marble Cone Fire in 1977. the Marble-Cone fire claimed 178,000 acres. I’m trusting the GeoMAC software on this one. Basin Fire command has been planning on this for some time. […]

Basin Complex Fire; Evening July 5

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Record temperatures are forecast for the Big Sur coast beginning Monday. Winds to 15 mph from the north and N/W will (generally) prevail as temperatures reach 90 degrees in some spots. Milder weather over the last week has allowed Basin Complex commanders to squeeze the most out of their exhausted troops. In the last 2 […]

Basin Complex Fire Maps Views July 5

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The maps below show the progess of the Basin Complex fire as represented by USFS MODIS via KML/Google Earth overlay. The “dots” are not represented as real time but they do offer a visual of areas that have burned and terrain in the path of the fire. The first image is looking at the north […]

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