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Victoria Recognizing Second Anniversary of Black Saturday

Many communities will put on simple barbecues and beers in ceremonies to remember the 173 people killed in the fires on February 7, 2009 and to reflect on the two years of recovery so far and the prospects for the future.

Wildfire Safety Bunkers Approved in Australia

A couple of thoughts. If you can afford it why not have one installed. If you live in tornado country it could play a duel role. The larger version holds up to 8 people so multiple neighbors could share costs and use.

Australia Fire Services Advise "Flee Before Wildfire Starts"

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CFS takes a proactive approach to fire safety. In cases of extreme fire weather they advise rural residents to flee or relocate to predetermined safe zones before a bushfire starts.

Wildfire Report From Michael Archer's Excellent Blog

Michael’s “Firebomber Publications Blog” is a must add to your blogroll.

Wildfire Assault On Queensland Australia's Central Coast

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Residents of the central coast of Queensland Australia are confronting what long time residents are calling the worst fire conditions in memory.  ABC Australia reports. (video included in link) The image below is a satellite visualization of the fires burning along the Queensland coast October 17. The Queensland Fire and Rescue Service reported that fire […]

Australia Bushfire Season Begins With a Line Of Duty Death

A New South Wales Fire Brigade firefighter collapsed and died during fire suppression activities near the resort colony of Fingal Bay, two hours South of Sydney. AAP 7 News has the story. NSWFB Commissioner Greg Mullins paid tribute to the firefighter…. “Firefighters are men and women who are dedicated to saving life and property – […]

Victoria Fires: Satellite Imagery of Affected Towns

The bushfires in Victoria State have subsided and homeowners are already rebuilding. Twitterer Bushfires points to these satellite images of the towns of Marysville, Kinglake, Kinglake West, Churchill, Flowerdale, Murrindindi and Callingee taken 5 weeks after Black Saturday.

Firefighter is Victim 200 In Oz Bushfires

Firefighter David Balfour was killed by a falling tree near burned out Marysville yesterday. Firefighter Balfour was a member of the ACT Fire Brigade on assignment from neighboring Canberra. Story here and supporting video, here.

"This was just so far off the scale of anything"

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The tragic story of Marysville, Victoria State, Australia as fire struck the town. This is a chilling story. Image Weekly Times Now

Greens Planted Seeds For "Perfect Storm" Fire Scenario in Victoria State

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The Australian reports many local townships and homeowners failed to heed warnings concerning defensible space. Despite pleas from local bushfire experts area “greens” designed new housing developments with complete disregard for fire. In fact in some cases homeowners were required to plant trees and vegetation close to their homes. Their guidance was “trees being the […]

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