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Be-200 Russian Air Tanker May See Stateside Deployment

If everything falls into place for the contractor the Be-200 could see action in the USA by Summer 2013.

Mid July, No Major Wildfires, Thank El Nino?

Mid July and nothing is burning in the West. The Schultz fire near Flagstaff Arizona grabbed some headlines in June burning north of 15,000 acres but that is it.
In California every fire is getting picked up. Initial attack with quick air attack response and well coordinated air tanker drops is killing everything quick.

Forest Service Cover-Up of "Monumental Error" Alleged; L.A.Times

According to the L.A. Times Station Fire commanders failed to call in available air resources on day two of the fire. Had dispatchers followed through and ordered air tankers, sitting idle in nearby bases, the fire could have been hooked……

Jesusita Fire Tankers Diverted From Closest Base

The Fresno Bee reports tankers assigned to the Jesusita Fire in Santa Barbara were forced to use the Porterville Air Attack Base for reloading instead of the much closer Santa Maria Airport. The first tankers on scene Tuesday were able to reload one time in Santa Maria before being diverted to Porterville, double the distance […]

Martin Mars Tankers Pay Call On The Telegraph Fire

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The Martin Mars supertankers are set to make drops on the north head of the Telegraph Fire some time today. Two air attack crafts circling 6,000 ft above the fire were heard discussing plans to use the giant planes to bolster a double wide dozer line on top of (or near) Black Mountain. The Martin […]

Full Air Assault Under Way As Tankers Bomb The Telegraph

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Telegraph Air Attack is coordinating a massive air assault on a slopover on the northeast head of the fire in the Merced River drainage. A constant string of heavy air tankers and S-2’s are running back and forth between the fire and McClellan Air Field in Sacramento and Fresno. The smaller air attack fixed wing […]