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D.C. Firefighter Sent Home For Wearing Wrong Jacket

It was about 35 degrees outside. The training school is out of public view, so I was wearing a blue DCFD coat I had in order to stay warm,” he said. “He told me I’d have to remove my coat. I said I had nothing to wear

Tennessee Firefighters Let Another Home Burn To The Ground

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South Fulton firefighters did it again. A home in Obion County Tennessee burned to the ground as responding units watched from their fire engines.

Austin Texas Fire Chief Vacations as Austin Area Burns

Austin Texas Fire Chief Rhoda Mae Kerr chose to remain on her golf vacation in Colorado as deadly wildfires burned near her city.

Public Pensions; A Ticking Time Bomb

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The town of Prichard stopped paying their pensioners and in the wake retired firefighters and other public servants suffered.