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Tanker 979, The 747 Supetanker Expected Over Fires Today

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As yet the contracted jumbo jet supertanker has not been pressed into service. The US Forest Service passed on signing up the weapon in 2007 but this year Cal Fire smartly offered the group from Evergreen Aviation a deal. Here is a promo video of Tanker 979 over the desert near Tucson. The 747 supertanker […]

You Order, You Pay. La Brea Fire May Usher In New Era Of Interagency Cooperation

The La Brea fire may be offering hints of a new direction in the long standing cooperative agreement between Cal Fire and the Feds. Mike Dubrasich, Executive Director of the Western Institute for Study of the Environment shared with Firefighter Blog readers the following passage in last evening’s 209 report. “At 1200 the fire entered […]

Supertankers Standing Guard Over California

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The Cal Fire air program secured the use of the massive 747 Supertanker for the 2009 fire season according to Rim Of The World.Net. This amazing aircraft, with its 20,000 gallon payload joins Tanker910, the State contracted DC-10 behemoth in Victorville.Both aircraft will be less than 45 minutes to any spot in Southern California. Tanker […]

Good News: 747 Supertanker Ready to Be Deployed

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A tip from an anonymous commenter points us to this announcement from Evergreen Aviation. “EVERGREEN SUPERTANKER READY TO FIGHT WILDFIRESThe B747 Supertanker is certified to fly by Interagency Air Tanker Board McMinnville, Ore.—Evergreen International Aviation’s B747 Supertanker won certification for operation this season after receiving its interim approval letter from the Interagency Air Tanker Board. […]

Where Is The Evergreen 747 Supertanker?

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One year ago I pondered why the Forest Service killed the deal with Evergreen for use of the 747 Supertanker. The decision was made by a non firefighting administrator just prior to a contract signing. Had smarter heads prevailed we would be seeing the giant air tanker dropping retardant and water over fires today. What […]