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Basin Complex Fire Now 6th Largest in State History

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The good news, the Tassajara Hot Springs/Zen Center survived a full assault of the Basin Complex Fire flames. The Center posted the good news on their site late this afternoon. The four men and one woman who stayed at the Zen Center beat back flames and saved the compound. Surely the place would have burned […]

Big Sur Fire: Historic Event In The Making

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The fire is very active today as we see from the most recent map from GeoMAC. It appears the fire will merge with the Indians Fire as predicted here last week. Take a look at the spot fires (indicated as red dots) in the map below.Note too how the Indians Fire has blown containment on […]

2007 Wildfire Season; a Global Warming Perspective

Interesting look at the global 2007 fire season from a scary named Australian website called Planet Doom. The author is a climate researcher based in Melbourne Australia who also happens to be the principal of Australia Bush Monitor.

Homeowner Discusses How His Home Was Spared

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This San Diego County homeowner did all the right things to prevent his home becoming toast during the Witch Fire. His preventive actions caught the attention of his home insurer. [youtube=]

Corral Fire, Malibu Neighborhoods In Flames

A Santa Ana Wind driven fire started at 3:30 am Saturday morning has consumed dozens of homes in the Corral Canyon area of Malibu. Winds should abate by this afternoon but until then fire crews are helpless against the 70 MPH winds.The State had deployed hundreds of firefighters in Southern California in anticipation of the […]

Ojo Peak Fire, New Mexico Burns In November?

The never ending fire season continues. This one is as odd as the New Jersey fire that burned last spring.Read about the Ojo Peak Fire here.

Drought and Fire, Atlanta In Spotlight

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Tom Engelhardt of pens a sobering piece on the worldwide drought situation and asks questions no one else cares to. What happens when Atlanta runs out of water? Tom points to towns in North Carolina and Tennessee that already have. The larger point he makes is what happens if the taps run dry and […]

So Cal Fire Map, Santa Ana Winds on October 22

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The fire mappers at NorthTree Fire drew this amazing map of the Santa Ana winds driving the fires on October 22. Click this link for a larger image. Image with permission of NorthTree Fire. .

Southern California Wildfires Video

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A firefighter’s wife put this together as a dedication to her husband and other firefighters who responded to the October blazes. Her husband was part of a strike team from the Bay Area 300 miles north. She put together a collection of the more spectacular photos of the incidents. She even snuck in the L.A. […]

Cal Fire Crew In Harris Fire Burn-Over; Story

SignonSanDiego has shed light on the story of the four Cal Fire firefighters and the two civilians they tried to save near Protrero during the initial attack phase of the Harris Fire last Sunday. Veteran Cal Fire Captain Ray Rapue and his crew of three responded to the Harris Fire from their station in San […]

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