Hello! My name is Mike Morales and I operate Firefighter Blog. I started the blog in 2004 just as blogging was gaining popularity.  This site leans towards coverage of larger wildland fires and issues relating to fire in the wild lands.

My specialty is covering large wildfires. Occasionally I will focus on larger International wildfires that impact population centers. The 2008 fires in southern Australia and the Greek blazes in 2007 and 2009 are examples. When Hurricane Gustav devastated Isle de la Juventud, Cuba in 2007 Firefighter Blog was a conduit for many American residents with relatives on the island.

Bio: After graduating from San Jose State University I went to work at the Santa Clara County Juvenile Probation Dept where I was privileged to help with the formation and implementation of their fire training program.

Eventually I went to work for Cal Fire, (then CDF) where I experienced the thrill of a lifetime working among the best, and most well trained wildland firefighters in the world.

I was eventually retired medically as a fire captain. I have been married 32 years and we have two boys. Our oldest works in retail and our youngest son attends the University of California at Berkeley.

We currently live in Monterey California.

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