Tunnel Visions, a Kurt Kamm Firefighter Novel

I just finished reading Kurt Kamm’s latest novel, Tunnel Visions.
Kamm places us in Southern California where Fire Captain Nick Carter finds himself squarely in the middle of a homeland terror investigation. At question is water delivery to the drought parched Southland and the extremes domestic terrorists might take to interrupt the flow.
Events are based in novel form from the Slymar Tunnel explosion in 1971 that killed 17 tunnel workers.
Kamm develops Nick brilliantly through flashbacks into his past where he makes discoveries about his childhood. Nick’s past is woven into present day where it all comes together underground where water from the north state once met ever parched Los Angeles County.
Nick’s girlfriend Cindi, an ATF agent is a central figure in the action packed day in question. Their story is the story.
The story reads almost  like a season of 24 with Nick as Jack Bauer.  In this case 10 action packed episodes are wrapped into 180 print pages.
Tunnel Visions is another in the growing lineup of firefighter novels by Kamm. I have enjoyed every one. Kamm is the Wambaugh of firefighter novels.

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