Taking Fire Safety Seriously —

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Taking Fire Safety Seriously

It can be all too easy – yet all too dangerous – to become complacent about fire and fire safety.

Many tragedies have occurred after complacency about fire safety has set in, and many people have

died after people have put off purchasing new domestic smoke detectors for example. It’s essential

that domestic smoke alarms are maintained regularly and that they are fitted with new batteries

whenever applicable. Both wireless smoke alarms and battery smoke detectors can give us and our

loved ones the vital few seconds we need to flee to safety in the event of an alarm. If you feel that

your home or property is not as equipped for firefighting as it could be, it’s a good idea to ask a fire

safety professional to perform an audit at your home.

Stay Aware and Vigilant

The authorities constantly have to spend money on marketing fire safety awareness in order to

prevent people from approaching the fire in a careless manner. The vast majority of fires are found

to be preventable, and around 75% of fires do take place at home, being caused by everything from

carelessly-discarded cigarettes to faulty kitchen equipment. Many people who have cooked under

the influence of alcohol have lost their lives when they could have been saved by wireless smoke

detectors or battery smoke alarms. Whether you have been drinking or not, it’s never wise to leave

food unattended, and an audit can show you whether your kitchen equipment is faulty and presents

a hazard to you.

Investing in Safety

There are many fire safety products to choose from, including Kidde smoke detectors, Kidde smoke

alarms, mains smoke detectors and mains smoke alarms. An ionisation smoke alarm is one of the

cheapest fire safety products that you can buy, yet it can be indispensable when it comes to saving

your life. It’s wise to seek advice from a professional when it comes to deciding which smoke alarms

and smoke detectors are right for you, but even something as affordable as an ionisation smoke

alarm should not be underestimated.

Do You Need Expert Advice?

Businesses regularly seek outside advice and assistance when testing their fire safety equipment

and domestic customers can also take this step. If you are running a business, not only could your

negligence end lives but you may face tough punishments from the authorities too if you don’t

maintain your smoke detector or smoke alarm. You may find hard wired smoke detectors to be more

of the most benefit to you. In any case, every home and business should ensure that a fire safety

plan is drawn up so that people know exactly which steps to take if a fire or smoke is discovered.

Many businesses are legally obliged to review their fire risk assessments regularly and keep a written

record of them. Emergency routes should be outlined and reliable fire safety equipment invested in.

Training should be offered to staff regularly and plans for vulnerable people such as the elderly or

disabled should be drawn up.

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