Shooting At Firehouse Party reports
A 10-year veteran of the King City Fire Department was hosting a private party in the fire station when brawls broke out and a gun went off.  

The volunteer firefighter who threw the wild Saturday night party was Mike Martinez

Fire Chief Danny Conatser said Martinez was out of town Monday on “business,” but hoped he would return soon to answer questions and help police get to the bottom of what happened.

At 1 a.m. Sunday, King City police responded to a 911 call reporting that shots were fired inside the fire station as the party got out of control. The fire station is located next door to the police station on Bassett Street.

When police showed up, there were several fights going on inside and outside the fire station, including one fist fight between two women. 

A gun was found outside in a parking lot. King City Police Chief Bruce Miller said four rounds had been fired from the gun and no one was hit by bullets.

What triggered the melee? Police don’t know if the people attending the party started the fights or if it was instigated by “party crashers.”

The fire chief said between 50 and 100 people were there and not everyone is cooperating with investigators.

The fire chief could face disciplinary action–including being kicked off the force–if it’s determined someone in his group was responsible for the violence.

The department has a policy that allows volunteer firefighters to use the fire house for events. But City Manager Michael Powers said that policy was suspended indefinitely Monday.

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