Just Released – Yarnell Hill Serious Accident Investigation Report

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The Yarnell Hill Fire report is now available here.
FirefighterNation.com offers a detailed wrap up here.

This tragedy occurred when the Granite Mountain IHC was traveling through an unburned area
toward a safety zone when a rapidly advancing fire of great intensity overtook them. The fire’s
extreme speed of 10 to 12 miles per hour eliminated any opportunity for the crew to reach the
safety zone or return up to the canyon rim. The crew had less than two minutes to improve a
shelter deployment site by using chain saws and burning out. The crew was deploying their fire shelters close together in a small area when the fire overtook them. The deployment site in the box canyon was not survivable because heavy brush caused direct flame contact, and temperatures exceeded 2000 oF as the fire swept through the site.


The judgments and decisions of the incident management organizations managing this fire were reasonable. Firefighters performed within their scope of duty, as defined by their respective organizations. The Team found no indication of negligence, reckless actions, or violations of policy or protocol.

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  • bigsurkate says:

    Thanks for pulling this all together in one place. I have seen this compared to the Esperanza Fire where communication was a problem, also. Such a sad loss for the fire fighting community.